ECO Label Accreditation

ECO Label Accreditation
ECO Label Accreditation

Inevitably, laboratory services are inevitable in the fight against food intake, monitoring human health, ensuring environmental safety and much more. Some of the enterprises create their own laboratory conditions in accordance with their requirements. However, a significant part of these services is taken from the outside.

Laboratories that provide independent and impartial measurement, testing, and analysis services provide these services to both enterprises and consumers at different stages. Enterprises are provided with services to meet legal requirements. These services are very necessary, especially during import and export operations.

In general, laboratories are organizations that provide testing and calibration services, and conduct conformity assessment studies. Compliance of products with specified standards, criteria or requirements of a customer is documented as a result of measurements, tests, analysis and evaluation in these laboratories.

Laboratory services are becoming increasingly important in today's European Union. In fact, this is the same in commercial transactions with other countries.

In order for a product to be declared in accordance with certain conditions, it is necessary to check the suitability of this product in accordance with certain criteria. These tests should be carried out in laboratories that have sufficient competence and adequacy. The competence of the laboratory and the proof of its sufficiency lies in the accreditation system. If this is not done, the parties may suffer from this transaction.

Our organization ECO Label Institute is based on the following laboratory accreditation standards:

• ISO / IEC 17025 General requirements for the adequacy of testing and calibration laboratories
• ISO 15189 Medical laboratories - Quality and qualification requirements

The laboratory that provides testing services in this accreditation process receives a guarantee of international recognition and acceptability.

Our company ECO Label provides accreditation services to certification and conformity assessment agencies and laboratories that will operate in various sectors with a strong technological infrastructure, as well as trained and experienced specialists.