Qualification Studies

Qualification Studies
Qualification Studies

Qualification studies are usually comparisons between several laboratories. In such studies, test results are evaluated on the same or similar subjects based on certain conditions, and indicators, methods and methods of measurement, testing and analysis are compared.

The results of the qualification studies are taken into account in the certification studies of the laboratory, and the measurement results are used to determine the cost of reference materials. Therefore, a purely scientific approach is used in these studies. When checking the method used by the laboratory, it evaluates the performance, that is, the accuracy and accuracy of the method.

In short, qualification studies that are accepted as a quality assessment or laboratory results are always based on an assessment of the quality of measurements. In other words, knowledge tests allow you to compare the results of laboratory tests with other results of laboratory studies.

The quality of measurements, tests and analyzes carried out at the end of qualification studies is assessed with an objective and independent perspective. Thus, laboratories receive comparative information about the effectiveness of the devices, equipment and methods used. At the same time, it receives information about the quality of other domestic and foreign laboratory measurements, tests and analyzes.

Many laboratories try to prove the quality of their service by creating a quality management system or by regularly monitoring their results through external audits. The qualification studies carried out within this framework are a powerful tool in determining the suitability of laboratory activities.

The results of qualification studies are an expression of quality for specific applications and are used by accreditation bodies, government agencies and customers. In addition, the results of competency studies provide significant support for health and safety, business relationships, and environmental monitoring.

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