International Advisory Bodies

International Advisory Bodies
International Advisory Bodies

Our organization ECO Label Institute provides consulting services from many organizations to provide high-quality, fast, accurate and reliable services in any field.
In the course of its activities, our organization ECO Label mainly uses the following advisory bodies:

• Non-governmental organizations
• Universities
• Local authorities
• Companies
• Media bodies

When creating civil society organizations, it is aimed at improving the welfare of society and solving problems that formal institutions cannot overcome in any way. Some of these organizations focus on issues such as human health and environmental safety. The ECO Label Institute consults with non-governmental organizations and works together, while at the same time carrying out activities such as improving existing standards and setting new standards.
Universities focus on innovation in their fields, as well as focus on today's challenges. In fact, research is one of the main tasks of universities. The ECO label institute uses universities that are an important advisory body in their activities and are used by university research institutions.

Local authorities have the right to assess the environmental impact of facilities and activities that create pollution, leaving waste in the receiving environment. In this regard, the ECO Label Institute cooperates with local authorities, in particular on issues related to environmental protection and public health.

Consumers are now questioning the obligations of enterprises, such as the existence of environmental policies, occupational health and safety practices and compliance with national and foreign production standards. Therefore, enterprises must certify their working methods, quality management systems and the availability of their products and services. The ECO Label Institute uses such activities and company results.

Today the media is considered the fourth power in the country. The ECO Label Institute uses the useful power of the media. In particular, he closely monitors social media resources and determines the needs of new standards or improves existing standards in publications concerning public health and environmental safety.

In developing standards, non-governmental organizations, industrial organizations, research and testing institutions, central and local governments, consumers, universities and media organizations are becoming important advisory bodies.
The ECO Label Institute provides accreditation services to certification and conformity assessment bodies and laboratories that will operate in various sectors with a strong technological infrastructure and a trained and experienced specialist.