ECO Label Accreditation Process

The main elements of accreditation of certification bodies, conformity assessment bodies and inspectorates and laboratories that request their accreditation by applying to the ECO Label Institute are:

• International standards establishing criteria for impartiality, independence and qualifications
• Specific sector conditions
• Guidance documents prepared by international accreditation bodies
• Globally recognized requirements

The ECO label institute initiates an accreditation process based on all these elements and accredits the organization in accordance with the identified processes.

The ECO Label accreditation process consists of several stages. The first stage is the accreditation agreement with the relevant institution. This contract includes the requirements of the organization, the terms of accreditation, the grounds and method, the duration and cost of the study.

The second stage of the accreditation process is the appointment of auditors and a preliminary examination of documents and information submitted by the organization. Any inconsistencies that may be a problem at this stage should be resolved.
The third stage of the accreditation process is an on-the-job audit conducted by auditors in the organization’s working environment. These checks are more detailed and need to be corrected at the moment. In case of inconsistencies, time is required for correction.

The fourth stage of the accreditation process is the reporting of auditors. All noted aspects are included in this report with their positive and negative aspects.

Finally, the final stage of the accreditation process is the decision making stage. The auditor’s report is assessed in a committee established to make decisions on the accreditation of the ECO Label Institute. At the moment there should be no inconsistencies and ambiguities. If the committee is convinced of the organization’s activities, it decides to accredit the organization. However, if you do not convince, the claim is either rejected, or a decision is made to correct the deficiencies and re-check.

Our company ECO Label provides accreditation services to certification and conformity assessment agencies and laboratories that will operate in various sectors with a strong technological infrastructure, as well as trained and experienced specialists.