What Are The Criterias For Using ECO Label

The ECO Label certification's usage criteria comprise detailed and comprehensive standards aimed at reducing the environmental impact of products and services. These criteria cover various areas, including energy efficiency, emission reduction, waste management, water usage, reduction of toxic substances, and sustainable resource utilization. The environmental impacts of products and services are assessed throughout their entire lifecycle, necessitating the application of sustainability principles at every stage, from production to consumer use and subsequent waste management.

The ECO Label not only considers the environmental impact of the final product but also the impact of the production process. This encompasses a wide range from the acquisition of raw materials, through production processes, packaging, to logistics. Additionally, factors such as energy and water consumption over the product's life are evaluated. The ECO Label also takes into account the effects of chemicals and other hazardous substances contained in the products on nature and human health.

Thanks to these comprehensive criteria, products and services that receive the ECO Label certification demonstrate adherence to high environmental standards. This certification provides consumers with a reliable proof of the eco-friendliness of products and services, contributing to informed consumption decisions.

The ECO Label Institute authorizes accredited certification and inspection bodies and laboratories to use the accreditation mark under the conditions specified in the accreditation act.

In this context, certification bodies, inspection and evaluation institutions and laboratories, the documents they issue, reports and all printed documents and materials use the ECO Label logo and brand.
On the official website of the ECO Label Institute, accredited organizations and laboratories have published the terms of use of the ECO Label.

The ECO label consists of a name and a logo. The brand also has a corresponding accreditation number and standard number to be accredited. Organizations accredited by the ECO Label Institute use the ECO Label brand to confirm their accreditation status.

The ECO Label Institute is responsible for auditing and accreditation systems, products, services and personnel certification bodies, as well as for the qualification of calibration, testing and medical laboratories. For this reason, these institutions that cannot go through certain processes cannot use the trademark.

They also cannot use the European Accreditation Association, the International Accreditation Forum and the logos and trademarks of the International Laboratory Accreditation Association.

ECO Label accredited organizations can use the ECO Label brand and logo in all of their work performed through documents and reports, stationery materials, promotional brochures and accreditation events.

The format, size, color and other characteristics of the ECO Label logo and markings are described in detail in the corresponding document published by the ECO Label Institute. The document also includes criteria and restrictions on the use of the ECO Label logo and labeling.

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