What Is an ECO Label

The ECO Label is an environmental labeling system created to identify and promote eco-friendly products and services. Developed in response to the growing global awareness and demand for sustainability and environmental responsibility, the ECO Label guides both consumers and producers towards products and services that minimize harm to the environment. The aim of this label is to highlight products and services designed to reduce environmental impact and conserve natural resources.

The advantages and features of the ECO Label include:

  1. Environmental Standards:

    • The ECO Label is characterized by stringent standards designed to promote environmental sustainability. These standards aim to reduce the environmental impact of products and services throughout their entire life cycle. Key elements of these standards include energy efficiency, reduction in the use of harmful chemicals, waste management, and sustainable resource use.
  2. Sustainability:

    • The ECO Label works towards creating a more sustainable world by minimizing the environmental impacts of products and services. This encompasses reducing the ecological footprint during both the production processes and the consumption and disposal stages of products.
  3. Consumer Awareness and Trust:

    • The ECO Label reliably informs consumers that a product or service meets certain environmental standards. This empowers consumers to make more informed decisions and promotes behavior that favors environmental sustainability.
  4. Broad Range of Categories:

    • The ECO Label covers a wide variety of product and service categories. This broad applicability ranges from cleaning products to electronic devices, textile products, and tourism services.
  5. International Recognition:

    • With its global recognition, the ECO Label offers an advantage in international markets. It assists in making products and services preferred for their environmental sustainability and plays a significant role in achieving global sustainability goals.

The ECO Label is a crucial tool in the fields of sustainable development and environmental protection. This certification provides a strong incentive for improving the environmental performance of products and services and raises awareness of ecological responsibility. It serves as a guiding force for both producers and consumers in sustainable consumption and production practices.

The ECO Label is a certification system that identifies products and services meeting environmental sustainability standards. It aims to promote environmentally friendly consumption by informing consumers about the ecological impact and sustainability practices of certified products. This label is significant for both consumers seeking eco-friendly options and producers committed to environmentally responsible practices. Different countries may have various ECO Label standards and programs.

The ECO Label Institute is an accreditation body. Accreditation is, as is known, research conducted by local and foreign institutions for the evaluation of certification bodies, inspection and evaluation institutions and laboratories in accordance with national and internationally recognized standards and technical conditions, for the approval of qualifications and for their audit in certain periods.

The ECO accreditation institute is also accredited and authorizes organizations providing services in various management systems, certification of products and services, personnel certification and certification of laboratories.
The ECO Label Institute is based on the ISO / IEC 17021 standard for certifying various management systems and evaluates and accredits relevant institutions in this direction.

Organizations that perform certification of products and services are accredited in accordance with ISO / IEC 17065.
Personnel certification bodies are accredited in accordance with ISO / IEC 17024 standard criteria.
The ECO label institute is based on ISO / IEC 17025 and ISO 15189 for certification of laboratories that provide measurement, testing and analysis services, and also accredits relevant institutions in this regard.

As an ECO Ethics Institute within the framework of these assessment, certification and accreditation activities TS ISO / IEC 17011 Conformity assessment - The requirements for accreditation bodies accredited by conformity assessment bodies comply with the requirements of the standard.

ECO Label is a giant company that accredits certification authorities, inspection and evaluation institutions and laboratories from around the world.
Its activities are limited not only to the accreditation of these institutions, but also joint efforts with domestic and foreign organizations in order to expand and strengthen the accreditation system.

Our company ECO Label provides accreditation services to certification and conformity assessment agencies and laboratories that will operate in various sectors with a strong technological infrastructure, as well as trained and experienced specialists.