Who Can Get an ECO Label

The ECO Label certification is recognized as a significant indicator in the realms of environmental sustainability and ecological responsibility. This certification aims to reduce the environmental impact of products and services, conserve natural resources, and promote sustainable consumption habits. The globally recognized ECO Label has become a standard for identifying and encouraging eco-friendly products and services.

ECO Label certification is awarded to products and services that meet a set of strict environmental criteria. These criteria encompass all stages of a product's or service's life cycle, from production to delivery to the consumer. Key criteria include energy efficiency, waste reduction, sustainable resource use, and minimization of environmental impact.

Organizations eligible for the ECO Label certification include:

  • Manufacturers and Suppliers: This category includes companies using materials and processes that reduce the environmental impact of their products. It ranges from electronic companies producing energy-efficient devices to textile manufacturers using sustainably sourced materials.

  • Retailers: Retail outlets offering eco-friendly products are also eligible for ECO Label certification. This encompasses stores and online platforms providing customers with sustainable and ecologically responsible products.

  • Service Providers: Providers of services such as tourism, accommodation, and cleaning that adopt eco-friendly practices can also acquire this certification. Examples include hotels prioritizing energy efficiency and water conservation, or cleaning companies using environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Obtaining the ECO Label certification is not just a matter of prestige for companies and organizations; it also presents an opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to reducing environmental impact and adopting sustainable business practices. This certification provides consumers with reliable evidence of the eco-friendliness of products and services, supporting informed consumption decisions.

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